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            [verb] make or become different.

            [noun] act or process through which something becomes different.


Events that are tagged as 'change' are few and far between. They are an opportunity to celebrate and share how Learning Everywhere is changing the learning landscape.


Change events will often take the form of a local or regional event to bring together those that have been Connecting and Collaborating to bring about new ways of working together.


Whatever they are, they will be big things that will make a sustainable difference to education.                                          

collaborate web

[verb] work jointly on an activity or project or cooperate traitorously with an enemy!

Everyone who chooses to be a part of Learning Everywhere will have their own agenda: personal, business, political.


Basically, we don't care if you have an agenda, as long as you respect everyone else's. Having connected with people, the Collaborate events will enable longer, more in-depth pow-wows on specific areas of interest, namely the three challenges.Collaborate events are less frequent than Connect events, and are designed as action learning sets, in other words, people commit to actually doing things between the events.



[verb] bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established

Part of Learning Everywhere's purpose is to Connect people from different sectors to education practitioners. The aim is to expose and shake up eduction by bringing people together who would not normally inhabit the same space. People run the world, so we need to connect people: face-to-face.


Imagine what could come out of connecting a Teacher with a Film Maker, an Ethical Banker and an Environmentalist?


Imagine a social responsibility vehicle for businesses to connect with children and teachers and the effect this could have! Raising aspirations in young people; planning exciting learning experiences with teachers or getting employees to work alongside children could all be outcomes.


Learning Everywhere will blur the artificial boundaries between sectors.


You will leave a Connect event with people you will want to continue talking to, things to become involved in and a list of actions as short or as long as you want.

connect web

There are three types of regular events explained below as well as the annual conference. Information and dates for all events can be seen on the 'Events' page.