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            ... to the home (as you help to build it) of Learning Everywhere.

Where did it come from?


                                   was born out of the frustration that the changes that everyone wants for education are simply not happening, or not happening fast enough, and that too much goes on in different sectors that no-one else knows about. People that provide learning experiences are shouting their wares at schools, and yet teachers, due to pressures and

educational noise, have their heads in the sand. We know this because

we are both teachers and providers.

leanring-everywhere Provider with suitcase Providers with plants Provider with wheelbarrow Provider with balloon how it could be embassador not LE

What is it?

Learning experiences in the right place enhances experience and deepens understanding. This is the key concept at the heart of Learning Everywhere. It sets out to explore the benefits of place and experience-based learning and to enable regular learning opportunities beyond the classroom, anywhere. When we say learning we mean learning in it broadest sense - not just formal and adult led experiences but all forms of experience which lead to new learning - if these are playful and group led then all the better. Learning Everywhere is also for all groups of children and young people where learning is taking place - so from family learning groups, early years settings through to schools, youth groups and more.


The purpose of Learning Everywhere is to connect and collaborate leading to change; to be a catalyst for cross-sector cohesion. It recognises the dedication of individuals and groups who enhance and enrich learning by signing up to connecting, collaborating and changing mindsets.

Learning Everywhere is whatever it needs to be to make changes with, for and in the education and learning sector. Primarily, it is a colloborative space, partnership, framework, hub, home, social construct, platform... interpreted in any way for anyone and everyone to be a part of.


Basically, it's about getting everyone together in a neutral space to find out what each other value, think and do.


Learning Everywhere is very simply about removing barriers to innovation by bringing people together from different sectors into a neutral, collaborative space and, with some facilitated fuel, ignite fires from the sparks that fly.

Following a Connect event at Arnos Vale on the 11th May 2016 a set of values emerged that provides a foundation for the Learning Everywhere approach. Learning Everywhere supports and celebrates:


   - Curiosity and Creativity  - Valuing the beauty of the world and being part of nature  - Equality (removing barriers)

   - Responsibility and honesty  - Respect for tradition  - A sense of belonging  - Being daring and bold

   - Being ambitious  - Enjoyment, excitement and pleasure in life  - Embracing a healthy life


(developed using Common Cause global values sheet develop in their handbook)



For more information on the launch of LE you can watch the launch video here.