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... individuals, businesses, schools, organisations, charities, partnerships, social cohesion groups, projects, educators can come together and ultimately make a difference to the learning of children and young people by challenging, supporting and contributing.


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What is it    NOT!


It is not a new project, funding circle, formal partnership, clique. It has no products and is not here to make  profit. It is also not a takeover bid; any party involved is independent,  autonomous and does not directly financially gain from being a part of it. Learning Everywhere  is not polically active, although this is not to say the people within it are polically neutral! We all have opinions and all opinions are welcome in Learning Everywhere.




Learning Everywhere is very simply about removing barriers to innovation by bringing people together from different sectors into a neutral, collaborative space and, with some facilitated fuel, ignite fires from the sparks that fly.


Learning Everywhere will set out to build a manifesto formed by those who are committed to a common set of values and approaches. It will be defined by its members and the roles they play in building a movement around their own priorities.


A member will take the role of either Ambassador, Base, Hub or Supporter.





















And, just in case you have forgotten,                                                                    ...

base hub embassador LE embassador LE

Ambassadors are people anywhere, in any role who either support the cause in some way and/or keep talking about it to promote it wherever and whenever they can. They can act as a signpost to events, bases and hubs. They are our champions.


Bases are places that either provide access to space for education groups and providers to use directly for learning and/or they are places that will act as a stepping stone into a community. Sometimes groups want to visit a different place nearby and simply need a place to store coats, equipment and lunch boxes for the day while they explore and experience learning on the ground.


Hubs are the homes of Learning Everywhere. They connect and collaborate with all the members and will be critical in shaping its future. Any setting can be a hub (schools, charities, businesses) and they contain ambassadors, will provide LE experiences and act as a place to host connect, collaborate and change events. Together, hubs make a huge network for change. In Bristol we have a joint Hub currently shared between Children's Scrapstore, SSGB, the Museum service, Arnos Vale and the Architect Centre.


Supporters are those who want to help make things happen. This could be in-kind help, such as legal or publicity support or financial sponsorship. We welcome anything and everything!

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